Team Rainbow (Croatia 2014)


This 4 day workshop happened between 29th of march and the 1th of april in Zagreb after an invitation of Željko Blace from the organisation QueerSport. QueerSport is a loose international sports and culture community, that voices critique on normativity in sport institutions, events and practices, that go beyond sexuality and gender discrimination.

During the workshop a spontaneous group of people from Zagreb created a 8 meter long and 4.5 m high inflatable rainbow. The inflatable will be used for interventions on normative sport events.  The rainbow is not only a symbol of gay or LGBT-culture (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender), but also refers to an Eastern European superstition that when you walk under a rainbow you will experience a sex-change. The myth is still present in the popular imagination today: a participant of the workshop recalled to have read this story as part of the school education when she was six years old!

Below some images and a short video about the last day of the workshop. The workshop was made possible with the kind support of the ULUPUH program on engaged creativity.

Watch this blog for inflatable interventions to come with the Pop Up Rainbow!


The preparation of a prototype by Željko and Sara.

prototypeA pathetique first prototype. A little limp, but you get the idea.

zeljko-webZeljko Blace busy in making the rainbow.