SAMENSCHOLING | a collective movement with your phone | experiment 1

Normally you will find Tools for Action live on the street, with inflatable sculptures that reinforce protest. Now that we can’t get together in one place, we want to meet you in a live performance, an investigation into new forms of assembly.

For the online edition of the Dutch OEROL festival, we will experiment with a new performance format, called SAMENSCHOLING. (Dutch meaning Assembly, but also meaning educating, togetherness..) On Monday 15th of June, Wednesday 17th and Friday 19th from 20.30-22.00 you can participate from your own location in an exercise in jointly forming a movement at a distance.

With the help of mobile phones and movement assignments, we investigate our sphere of influence in a live video connection. Looking at the sky together, walking synchronously, turning. How are you connected to your surroundings? You can do the live exercises from home, on the street, at the campsite, or on the beach.

After each experiment we discuss the experience and reflect on the link between awareness, individual action, collective action and what is needed for social change.

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Requirements for participation are:

- charged phone with camera

- zoom app

- earplugs or headphones

- 4G or wifi internet connection

- a location where you can move, preferably outside

- a roll of tape

- a sandwich bag

- a rope

- a candle and lighter (possibly with a jar if you’re standing in the wind)


If you have any questions, you can contact us at [email protected].




Tool design & Image: Artúr of Balen

Choreography: Floor van Leeuwen

Context, reflection: Shailoh Phillips

Technical Support: Jeffrey Arts