About Tools for Action

Tools for Action is a community project using inflatable sculptures as a tool for intervention.

We can be contacted at: info(at)toolsforaction.net

One of our successful actions was the El Martillo Project, a 12 meter inflatable hammer that was sent in a suitcase to the United Nations Climate Conference in Cancún in 2010. The hammer was inspired by the quote “Art is not a mirror to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it” and became a symbol of climate justice. It was produced during a 10 day participatory workshop at the O.K.K. projectspace, Berlin.


  1. Michaela Davey

    Hi Tools for Action,

    I am a student at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. At the moment, most of the students in the country are protesting against steep fee increases for next year. Our government is one of the most corrupt in the world and they are taking the money that should go towards educating the youth of the country. The protests are for the most part peaceful, however students are now being attacked and arrested by police officers. Protestors are also extremely angry and are damaging private and public property in their desperation. My university had been shut down and final examinations postponed. I tried to look up a tutorial on how to make one of your inflatable cobblestones, hoping it would make a difference to the atmosphere of the protests. However I am having difficulty finding one. Is there any way you can help us with ideas or guidance on how to achieve change with minimal violence?

    • Artur

      Hello Michaela,

      we have a first beta version of how to make one in a pdf.
      I will email it to you.



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