Exhibition Barricade // 20th of July – 2nd of September 2016

  The mirror barricade is a social sculpture consisting of silver reflective inflatable cubes that can be assembled within seconds into a barricade. The playful tools for blockading roads were built by citizens of Dortmund, who positioned themselves against xenophobia and the so-called “Day of German Future” neo-Nazi rally on the 4th of June 2016. […]

Die Spiegel Barrikade // Mirror Barricade

Die Spiegel Barrikade // The Mirror Barricade

Action set for 4 June 2016. Join us in May to help prepare. The Mirror Barricade (Die Spiegel Barrikade) is a counteraction to the so-called “Day of German Future”, a neo-Nazi rally scheduled on 4 June 2016 in the German city of Dortmund. This inflatable counteraction helps answer the urgent need for visibility and media attention […]


Ende Gelände and Training for Trainers – how we spread the inflatable barricade tactic

Text by Katherine Ball with contributions from John Jordan.  Ende Gelände is an annual mass action of civil disobedience calling for “here and no Further” for fossil fuel extraction. From 13-15 May 2016, 3,000 demonstrators gathered in the Lausitz region of Germany to blockade the Welzow Sud Lignite Coal Mine, owned by Vattenfall. Inflatable barricades were set […]


How to block a street in 20 seconds and just as easily disappear again..

Inflatable Barricade Inflatable barricade training for December 12(D12) . The word “barricade” comes from the French word “barrique” meaning “barrel”. The first barricades were hollow barrels rolled out into 16th century streets, filled with stones and secured with metal chains. Tools for Action, a Berlin-based arts collective, developed a barricade with a similar construction principle. Modular […]

Barricade in Paris of 1944, used for the liberation of France.

Fabriqué à Paris – Made in Paris

  In Paris, the city where the concept of a barricade originated, Tools for Action has invented a new type of inflatable blockade in preparation for protest at the 2015 UN Climate Summit. The inflatable barricades were ´Made in Paris´ and sent to different climate activist groups around the world to be used on December […]


See you in Paris! Skillshare Workshop and Training for COP21

Inflatable sculpture in front of Jardin d´Alice. Photo by Artúr van Balen Come build inflatables with us in Paris! Tools for Action is giving skill-share workshops and trainings how to build your own inflatable sculpture and use it as a tool for protest at the United Nation Climate Conference (COP21). You can find our studio at […]


Carbon Bomb Blows Up Near West Point Military Academy (West Point, New York 2014)

The carbon bomb hovering above the Hudson river. Photo by Ellen Davidson On Tuesday morning, a 30-foot carbon bomb blew up in the airspace over the Hudson River in front of West Point Military Academy. An inflatable bomb pressurized with carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and oxygen contained in outer shell of silver radiant barrier foil, the […]


Giant inflatable rainbow intervenes in Croatia´s annual swim race (Vis 2014)

  At 6p.m. on Saturday the 16th of August on the paradise island of Vis in Croatia, the annual open water swimming event was expected to run as usual. Instead a giant inflatable rainbow carried by activists intervened in the closing section of the race to establish queer visibility in public space and sport, and […]


Inflatable Workshop for the Peoples Climate March in New York

August 23, 12-6pm at Mayday Space (free) Tools for Action is collaborative platform for fabricating unconventional tools and tactics for creative resistance, specializing in (but not limited to) large-scale inflatable constructions. For the NYC climate mobilization, Tools for Action will be hosting a series of hands on workshops, collaborative builds, and participatory interventions. The first […]

Italian based architect-group UFO makes an inflatable intervention during an anti-Vietnam protest in Firenze. Date to be verified.

Interview for Disobedient Objects – Exhibition Victoria & Alberts Museum –

Artúr van Balen has produced inflatables for protest as a member of former  group Eclectic Electric Collective and, now,  Tools for Action.  One such inflatable, a cobblestone for a 2012 demonstration in Barcelona, will be featured in ‘Disobedient Objects’.  In this post we interview Artur about his own work, the role of inflatables, and their […]