art is not a mirror for society, but a hammer with which to shape it.

- Vladimir Mayakovski

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We like to give historical context to inflatables and barricades. Next to that, we connect our project to a local political action or struggle and give space for discussion and research about the chosen subject. Learn about our past actions and projects.

Tools for Action = developing open source tools of resistance for future actions.

We like to develop tools of resistance and teach for this we build tools out of cheap materials and teach others how to do it.

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Building inflatable sculptures is group work, we build strong ties and trust by doing hands on work. Starting with step by step instructions, building up to autonomous practice.

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Expanding social movements by inflating our sculptures. Finding ways for our workshop participants to engage with activists of political groups.
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Sous la plave, la plage! (Under the pavement, the beach!) The street is our playground!
Bringing inspired groups of makers from all over the world together. We show that political action can be engaging, aesthetic and fun!

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Founded by Artúr van Balen in 2012 Tools for Action quickly became a network of artists and activists. This ensamble gave skill-share workshops in the manufacture of inflatable sculptures and how to use them for political actions.


Katherine Ball and Malcolm Kratz joined forces with Artúr. These three artists with their individual practices see different possibilities for Tools for Action. Starting with focusing more on educational programs and how to engage the future generations in political action. We bring forth a shared vision where next to the inflatable sculptures we also start to experiment with new theories and practices around crowd movement and emergence intelligence.


"Barricade Ballet" was a direct action training on the 29th of may 2016 in Dortmund, when Dortmunder citizens trained how to use the inflatable "mirror barricade" to protest a neo-Nazi march on the 4th of June in their city. The ground footage is about the actual counter-protests on the 4th of june 2016.

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12.03 Vienna Festwochen

On invitation by the University of Unlearning


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