Ravers wanted

Tools for Action + Floor is looking for ravers, dancers, movers for the interdisciplinary art project RÆV REHEARSAL from 15 June to 21 August 2021 in Rotterdam and 14 - 17th of October in Amsterdam at the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE).

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, nightclubs have been closed and the right to demonstrate is under pressure. With RÆV REHEARSAL, we explore protest as a performance and performance as a form of protest. Throughout the summer, we will be hacking the streets of Rotterdam with a series of pop-up raves, igniting the public space, reclaiming sociality. With bluetooth speakers, glowing shoes, floating inflatable sculptures and a minimalist techno beat, we move through the city like a radiating dancing swarm. Stairs, roundabouts and benches become temporary stages. How to interact with each other, the traffic, the architecture and the local residents?  How do you initiate patterns of movement in crowds? Which movements unleash energy and a sense of freedom.

In June and July, we will develop the basis with a select team of a choreographer, two professional dancers, a visual artist and a group of 20 ravers. Here, the choreographic principles for the dancing swarm will be developed, a ‘choreography of assembly’. In August, we will work on scaling up and 3 rehearsals will take place with 100 new participants in and around Rotterdam. 3 performances will take place in collaboration with the Amsterdam Dance Event in October 2021. RÆV REHEARSAL rehearses for the grand rehearsal later: a unifying, intersectional ´Reclaim the Streets´ protest.

Signals 3.0, Tools for Action + Tomás Espinosa in collaboration with Kunsthaus Dresden, Hellerau - European Centre of the Arts and Montagscafé | Statetheatre Dresden. Dresden, 2019 Foto Luca Girardini


We are looking for 20 - 30 ravers / dancers based in Rotterdam.

You need:

  • a connection to raving / club culture / dancing
  • an interest in ´reclaiming´ public space
  • to be a responsible team player


  • 27 or 28 May 20:00 h (preparation / meeting / casting)
  • Rehearsal from 16 June to 30 July 2021 from Wednesday to Friday night from 22:00 to approx. 00:30. (2.5 hours) Minimum attendance 2/3 of the 20 rehearsals.
  • RÆV REHEARSAL Rotterdam: 7 - 14 - 20 August - 20:00 - 03:00 hrs.
  • RÆV REHEARSAL Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE): 14 - 17th of October


  • A voluntary fee of 25 € per Rehearsal for 23 Rehearsals. (500 € in total)
  • RÆV experience during the pandemic
  • RÆV REHEARSAL at Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) in October


The rehearsals take place in the open air at a distance of 3 to 5 metres from each other. Great care is taken to provide a hygienic corona-proof environment for the rehearsals. RÆV REHEARSAL falls under the rehearsal regulations of the dutch government and are therefore allowed.


  • If you are interested, or have any questions, please contact us via
  • [email protected]
  • phone: +31 6 34 44 81 8 / whatsapp +33 6 69 58 69 69
  • Instagram @instagore

Who are we?

Tools for Action + Floor is a collaboration between the Dutch-Hungarian visual artist Artúr van Balen, founder of the international artist group Tools for Action and the dutch (mime) choreographer Floor van Leeuwen. Since 2020 they create participatory projects on the intersection of visual art, performance and activism.

The work of Floor van Leeuwen is characterised by research in collective movement. Floor´s style is minimalistic and energetic. A seemingly simple act can find a poetic depth in the duration and interaction between individuals. Examples are Till We Die (2008 - 2015 - 2020 -  ), Schwalbe is looking for crowds (2014), and MUUR (2019) in collaboration with TENT and Veem House for Performance. Floor is part of the DAS research group Embodied Knowledge in Theatre and Dance (2021). 

Tools for Action works with inflatable sculptures as poetic and functional tools for political interventions. Tools for Action works with social movements on mobilisations such as the international climate movement (2009-2015), the Columbian trans rights movement (2018-2019) and collaborated on large scale participatory actions with cultural institutions such as the Theatre of Dortmund (Spiegelbarrikade, 2016), Hellerau - European Centre of the Arts, Dresden (Signals 3.0, 2019). Tools for Action + Floor was recently featured on Tegenlicht “The Future of Protest” (10 January 2021)